Hey, I'm Roe

I’m Rosanne but my friends call me Roe. I am a primary, live-in caregiver (a sandwich caregiver at that) who is also a podcast host (creator, producer and editor), a writer, a former softball player and instructor, a baker, a holder of old tv useless knowledge, a music lover, and a former Realtor too.  Of course my favorite roles are that of wife and mother. 


With insightful dialogue (podcast) and honest storytelling (blog) this website will educate and enlighten caregivers through dialogue, support, and first-hand experiences.


In 2009 the changes in my 81 year old, fiercely independent mother opened the door to the world of dementia.  And so began our journey through doctors and tests, denial and advocacy.


While all of this was taking place, I had a child in middle school, one in elementary school, was an officer on the PTA board, a Realtor and had a husband with a job in which he traveled.   

Trying to be in two places at once became my goal.  In 2015, after a medical emergency that ended with our moving my mother immediately into our house, I was confronted by the overwhelming volume of information available but found little practical support when it came to the world of dementia. 


I should mention, that this was also at the beginning of my one child's senior year in high school, and my other child's final year in middle school, because really, why not?

I was raised to always respect authority, follow the rules, and do the right thing and I've found in caregiving, everyone's right thing is unique.  I’m no expert, but I have done extensive researching and people like to talk to me.


I am trying to not only survive caregiving but also provide a platform for others to self advocate and have informed conversations.  If I can share some insight or experiences that help others along the way, that would make it worthwhile.  


This blog will not be only about caregiving though.  I believe that you have to have something that you enjoy to keep you going, to give you air.  I hope I can provide a little respite or company for you.